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  • Freire M., Pinto P., Soares M., Medeiros S., Reboleira A.S.P.S., Reis A., Gomez M. добавлено: Naumenko
    “Fatuk-Kuak Hosi Timor Lorosa’e”: Caves of Timor-Leste (2017)

  • Forti P. добавлено: Naumenko
    Evaporite Karst of the Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy): Why Should They Become a UNESCO World Heritage? (2017)

  • Fernandez-Cortes A., Cuezva S., Pérez-López R., Mattey D.P., Hernández-Vicente I., Bourges F., Fisher R., Cañaveras J.C., Calaforra J.M., Sanchez-Moral S. добавлено: Naumenko
    Sourcing Carbon Dioxide Gas in Karst Systems (2017)

  • Faulkner T. добавлено: Naumenko
    The Publications Exchange Working Group (2017)

  • Dunkley J., Welch B., Pickett J. добавлено: Naumenko
    Karst Studies in Australia – Jiří V. Daneš and his Australian Travels (2017)

  • Douglas S., Kathleen L. добавлено: Naumenko
    It was a Dark and Stormy Night When the Crickets Returned: Recovery of Biota After Cleaning a Heavily Impacted Commercial Cave (Crystal Cave, Kutztown, PA, USA) (2017)

  • Douglas J.C. добавлено: Naumenko
    Investigating Mammoth Cave During the American Civil War (2017)

  • D’Angeli I. M., De Waele J., Ieva M.G., Leuko S., Cappelletti M., Parise M., Jurado V., Miller A.Z., Saiz-Jimenez C. добавлено: Naumenko
    Next-Generation Sequencing for Microbial Characterization of Biovermiculations from a Sulfuric Acid Cave in Apulia (Italy) (2017)

  • D’Angeli I.M., De Waele J., Carbone C., Parise M., Madonia G., Vattano M. добавлено: Naumenko
    Secondary Minerals from Italian Sulfuric Acid Caves (2017)

  • Craven-Carden D., Chirozva C.. добавлено: Naumenko
    One of Earth’s Special Places (2017)

  • Cox-Witton K., Iglesias R., Holz P., Hufschmid J., Woods R. добавлено: Naumenko
    White-Nose Syndrome and Australian Bats – What is the Risk and What Can We Do? (2017)

  • Clark Ch., Macalady J. добавлено: Naumenko
    Microbial Role in Speleogenesis in a Sulfidic Aquifer (2017)

  • Cigna A. A. добавлено: Naumenko
    Heat Waves in Caves: a Useful Tool (2017)

  • Cigna A.A. добавлено: Naumenko
    Hermann Bock, a Forgotten Precursor of Cave Meteorology (2017)

  • Chirol B. добавлено: Naumenko
    Women Underground: a world History of Female Contribution in Speleology (2017)

  • Chirol B. добавлено: Naumenko
    The Oldest Cave Maps in the World (2017)

  • Chirol B. добавлено: Naumenko
    The Lost Pot of the Sinkhole of the River Rhône (2017)

  • Chirol B. добавлено: Naumenko
    Cyprus Caving History (2017)

  • Chikano Y. добавлено: Naumenko
    Caves in Bolikhamsai Province, Laos (2017)

  • Chang G.D., Kim J.W., Choi Y.G., Park K.H. добавлено: Naumenko
    Taxonomic Review of the Cave-Dwelling Springtail Family Tomoceridae (Collembola) in Korea (2017)

  • Zogbi L. de A., Calux A. S., Guiraud A., Crochet Ph., Widmer Mi., Downey K. добавлено: Naumenko
    “Lights in the Darkness” Project Captures Images of the Most Beautiful Caves in Brazil. (2017)

  • Zogbi L. de A., Muriel-Cunha J., Auler A. S., William da Cruz F., Motta A.R. добавлено: Naumenko
    Paraíso Cave: a Remarkable Limestone Cave System in the Brazilian Amazon (2017)

  • Carrión-Cabrera J. добавлено: Naumenko
    Identification and Characterization of Hot Caves in Puerto Rico (2017)

  • Cadas P. добавлено: Naumenko
    Cave Exploration in the Amari region of Central Crete and its Connection with Australian Soldiers in the Aftermath of the Battle of Crete. (2017)

  • Calva Pérez M. C. L. O., Castillo-Gámez Dra. R. A. добавлено: Naumenko
    Faunal Diversity on Arid Lands Caves in the Sonoran Desert, Mexico (2017)

  • Bush A., Lumsden L., Ingeme Y., Beckmann Ch., Biro P. добавлено: Naumenko
    Disturbance Caused to Cave-Roosting Bats During Ecological Monitoring: Implications for Researchers and Cavers (2017)

  • Bulychov A., Sorokina T. добавлено: Naumenko
    Multi-faceted Training of Caver-explorer (2017)

  • Brick G. добавлено: Naumenko
    Cave Exploration During the Little Ice Age (2017)

  • Brick G. добавлено: Naumenko
    The Prehistory of Cave Fauna Paradigms (2017)

  • Bolger T. добавлено: Naumenko
    Recent Explorations in the Xe Bang Fai Cave System, Laos (2017)

  • Bessone L., De Waele J., Sauro F. добавлено: Naumenko
    Speleology as an Analogue to Space Exploration: Five Years of Astronaut Training, Testing and Operations in the ESA CAVES Program (2017)

  • Bellamy K., Lim J.Y.M., Whitby J. добавлено: Naumenko
    Honouring Personages: Named Caverns in Jubilee Right-hand Branch (2017)

  • Bartholeyns J.-P. добавлено: Naumenko
    New Materials, Techniques and Technologies for Best Practices in Show Caves Management (2017)

  • Barlow E.V. добавлено: Naumenko
    Conveying the Importance of Stromatolites to Self-guided Tourists in Nettle Cave, Jenolan, NSW. (2017)

  • Baker A.C. добавлено: Naumenko
    Management of Karst Environments Within NSW Parks and Reserves (2017)

  • Baba N., Kuroki Y. добавлено: Naumenko
    Humba Cave Project—Cave Expedition in Sumba Island, Indonesia (2017)

  • Austin D., Wiles M.E. добавлено: Naumenko
    New Discoveries in the Splinter Section, Jewel Cave, South Dakota (2017)

  • Dublyansky Y., Moseley G.E., Spötl C., Liakhnitsky Y., Cheng H., Edwards R.L. добавлено: Naumenko
    Dating Paleolithic Cave Art in Shulgan-Tash Cave, Ural, Russia (2017)

  • Auler A. S. добавлено: Naumenko
    Timing of Fossil Emplacement at Toca Da Boa Vista Cave System in Northeastern Brazil (2017)

  • АА добавлено: Naumenko
    2017. Proceedings of the 17th International Congress of Speleology (Ed. 2), July 23–29, Sydney, NSW Australia (2017)

  • Merela M., Zakrajsek M. добавлено: Naumenko
    International Cave Search and Rescue Team Slovenia (2017)

  • Совет Министров РК добавлено: Naumenko
    Паспорт Республики Крым (2017)

  • Onac B.P., Polyak V.J., Fornós J.J., Dumitru O.-A., Asmerom Y., Ginés J., Ginés A. добавлено: Naumenko
    Timing of Pliocene Sea-level High-stands in Western Mediterranean Using U-Pb ages of Cave Deposits from Mallorca Island (2017)

  • Urbani F., Onac B.P. добавлено: Naumenko
    A Native Aluminum Occurrence in Roraima South Cave, Venezuela (2017)

  • Tamas T., Andrei A.-S., Păuşan M., Banciu H. добавлено: Naumenko
    The Microbiome of Manganese Speleothems from Baia Lui Schneider Cave, Romania (2017)

  • Tamas T., Giurgiu A. M., Barbu-Tudoran L., Mureşan B. добавлено: Naumenko
    Uricite from Gaura Ţuranului, NW Romania (2017)

  • Spilde M.N. добавлено: Naumenko
    Mineralogy and Origin of the 18 km-long Snowy River Formation, Ft. Stanton Cave, New Mexico (USA) (2017)

  • Travassos L.E.P., Scotti M.C.A. добавлено: Naumenko
    Karst, Caves And Geodiversity In The “Travels In Brazil (1817-1820)” By Johann Baptist Von Spix And Carl Friedrich Philipp Von Martius (2017)

  • Travassos L.E.P., Meireles S.R.M. добавлено: Naumenko
    Karst and Caves Through the Eyes of the Brazilian Emperor, Dom Pedro II (1831-1889) (2017)

  • Waring Ch. добавлено: Naumenko
    How Convective Cave Ventilation Affects Speleothem Growth (2017)

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