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The edition of Speleology and Karstology journal was reorganized significantly

As from Issue №3 the journal turn into electronic edition form entirely. Entire transition to electronic edition format has its advantages:

  1. Interested persons get access to the journal materials immediately after its release, without loss of time and resources for ordering and delivery.
  2. Publishing of color images is possible.
  3. The process of bringing the manuscript to final publication is accelerated.

In connection with the transition of Speleology and Karstology journal edition to electronic format the order of the publication of articles was changed. As from Issue №3 the journal has introduced an online system of articles publishing in the individual mode as their gaining an editorial readiness. An article to be peer-reviewed, edited and accepted for print is published in the content of a current issue on the journal website immediately without waiting for the full readiness of the other articles of issue. The current issue is "closed" at the end of half-year (and thus the full content is fixed) and a new issue is opened.