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Содержание материала

The articles should be submitted to the journal in electronic form on a CD or via e-mail. Submission by email is preferred if the total size of materials being submitted does not exceed 15 MB.


The text of an article

Articles are formated in Microsoft Word and saved in RTF. Use a Times Roman Cyrillic font, size 11 pt (for tables - 9 pt), one-and-a-half spacing, 2 cm margins on each side, with no indention at the beginning of a paragraph. When typing, do not use the indention and breaks by multiple spacebar, as well as breaks and hyphenation. Do not use footnotes. A list of references should be at the end of the article.  Size of the article including the literature and captions should not normally exceed 20 pages. Only units of SI are to be used.


The structure of an article

An article should be structured and contain, as a rule, the following sections: introduction, theoretical and methodological part, discussion of results, conclusions and references. One should use no more than three levels of subheadings.


Title, authors, organizations, addresses including electronic

In the beginning of this article the above mentioned data are presented in the specified order on separate lines (paragraphs). Highlight information about corresponding author in bold and give his (her) phone and fax numbers and email (this information will not been published).



Abstracts in Ukrainian, Russian and English should follow the main text and references on separate pages. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words in length. At the beginning of the abstract in each language, a separate paragraph should contain the title of the paper and the name(s) of the author(s). The abstracts should be informative summaries that include the conclusions. Bibliographies and references should not be given in the abstracts.


Figures (artwork)

Do not insert figures in the text file of article - all the figures are submitted as separate files. Line (halftone) figures must be saved in TIF black & white 1-bit (resolution 600-900 dpi), photos - in TIF or JPG (minimum resolution of 200-300 dpi), black and white or grayscale. The size of figures should be determined based on the fact that they will scale with the size of the reduction to one or two-column journal text (the width of the figure 8.5 or 18 cm). Care should be taken (especially if the originals are larger), that all the minor elements and labels in figures should remain legible for enforcement of such size. Captions of the figures can be duplicated in any of the official languages of the journal (Ukrainian, Russian and English).
Figures should be numbered in the order of the references to them in the article (references in the text are required - for example, Fig. 2). Number of images used in the file name. Captions for figures and illustrations are submitted in a separate file RTF. It is recommended to duplicate the figure captions and illustrations in another language (for example, in the Ukrainian or Russian paper to give Captions in the language of article plus in English).



Formulas and equations can be prepared in a special equation editors. They are given in the text as required, but are stored and given also as separate files in Windows metafile, *. wmf.



Tables with headers should be formated in Microsoft Word or Excel, numbered in order of their references  in the article, saved and submited in individual files. Statistic or other details given under the table. The content of the tables should not be repeated by figures. Ceteris paribus figures (graphics) are preferred. The information that is not discussed in the text should not be given in the tables.



References are composed in alphabetical order of author's names and not numbered. Reference to the authors' surnames are given in the text according to the attached rules of quotation. The same rules have samples of references for different types of sources.


Manuscripts submitted to the journal "Speleology and karstology" pass through peer-review process, organized by the  journal's editors. Comments and suggestions of reviewers are sent to authors for revision and submission the final version of the manuscript. The final version of the manuscript should be submitted to the editor during a week after receiving the reviewer;s comments. In the case of the negative reviews and / or the inability or unwillingness of the authors to take into account suggestions of the reviewer's, the editors reserve the right to reject manuscripts.

Responsibility of the authors

The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the stated facts, citations,  bibliographic data, spelling of geographical names and proper names in their manuscripts, as well as the absence of confidential and legally restricted information. Authors should carefully follow these rules when preparing the manuscripts. The editors reserve the right not to consider the work, submitted with significant deviations from these rules.